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Mike has posted 2,500 videos and counting on social media which have resulted in reaching over 70,000,000 viewers
7 Short Video Assets Edited For a Teeny-Tiny $65..!
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If you're not happy, I'm not happy. If you get your 7 videos and by the end of that period you're not over the moon happy, I'll promptly and quietly give every last dime back to you
70,000,000 View Formula Injected Into Your Videos!
Views are not everything, as a matter of fact they are a lucky byproduct. However, if we could INCREASE the probability of more organic viewers by using this formula, and skyrocket your credibility with your current viewers, whether you have 500 or 5 million, isn't that worth it?
We Want You To Win!
We'll watch over what you're doing on social media and chime in to give you our two cents to help you get a leg up!

We're all friends here.. And friends want each other to win!
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